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Andea Platform provides best-in-class architecture for global manufacturing collaboration and rapid implementation of industrial IoT

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What is Andea Platform?


We have built a cloud-based platform to change the way you buy, implement and use manufacturing solutions. Our digital manufacturing platform can be used to deploy pre-built applications that will improve manufacturing efficiency, quality and ensure compliance. These apps can be implemented in a matter of days and can be used standalone, or as a part of an enterprise solution. Rip and replace is not required as the new apps can integrate with existing manufacturing systems.



Main Benefits

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Instant Value

Andea Platform comes with ready-to-use applications that can positively impact your business from day one

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Low Risk

Implement our solutions using a phased approach to quickly verify benefits

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You can manage, analyze and compare processes across the enterprise and in each site locally

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Quickly scale by adding new functionality or deploying Andea Platform to additional production sites

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Modify our solution or build your own applications using Andea Platform

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Andea Platform is based on proven technologies and architecture that passed strict security audits




Secure, scalable and always up-to-date


Security is crucial therefore Andea Platform is based on proven technologies such as:

  • Azure Active Directory - the most popular directory service in the world

  • Azure Security Center which provides the security alerting and insight needed to understand and remediate issues

  • Azure IoT Edge which is designed for cloud-edge consistent and confidential computing

  • OAuth2 and OpenID protocols to comply with OWASP security best practices


Andea Platform is always up-to-date, so you don’t need to worry about upgrades


Andea Platform scalability and availability is granted by Microsoft Azure, so it can be adjusted to fit your needs

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Andea eBox

Maximize the efficiency and uptime of your shop floor equipment.

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Andea eWorkin

Improve productivity and compliance of your assembly, maintenance, and quality personnel.

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