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April, 4th 2019 11:00 CET and 13:00 EST


Boost your testing performance by implementing Automated MES Tests.

Test automation advances overall software efficiency and guarantees high software quality. It is the best way to increase effectiveness and expand coverage of MES testing. Automation will provide you with more free time as it can be implemented repetitively with minimal effort and maximum accuracy.



Automated MES Functional Tests

In manual tests, the tester performs user actions and checks the correctness of a system’s operations. Many of these tests can be done automatically and automated tests come into play here. This technique allows you to automatically check the content of the page, enter data, check the connection to the database and verify the entire business flow. It reduces the duration of testing execution and provides you with the detailed test report.

The ultimate goal of Automated MES Functional Testing is to minimize the number of manual tests, as opposed to replacing manual tests entirely.

When implementing automated tests in MES, you may face various challenges such as:

  • How to introduce automation to your project?

  • How to select the best suited automation tool?

  • How to deal with master data?

  • Which use cases to automate?

  • How to develop scripts effectively?

  • How to execute and maintain test scripts?

  • What are the best practices that you need to follow for successful automation testing?

  • And most importantly: How to optimize the cost of automatic tests in relation to their added value (ROI)?

Andea has answers to these questions and experience in implementing Functional Automated Tests in MES systems.

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April, 4th 2019 11:00 CET and 13:00 EST

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Automated MES Performance Testing

A well-functioning application is one that allows the end user to perform a task without excessive delay or an empty screen when logging in. In this way, the solution allows the user to accomplish their intended goal without unnecessary breaks in the system's response time.

It sounds very simple, but it is not easy to achieve. Unfortunately, many applications have problems delivering an acceptable level of performance, particularly during peak times.

Andea can measure the performance of the application and ensure that the solution works correctly with the expected concurrent users.

Before you execute performance tests, usually you need to think about the following:

  • Which Performance Test tool to use?

  • How to set up your infrastructure and where to generate the load?

  • How many load generators you need?

  • What is the peak time like?

  • How to simulate user load (performance profile)?


Automate MES Performance Tests are not trivial to prepare and execute.

Andea’s methodology and expertise can help you reach the final objective – to demonstrate that your MES system meets your pre-defined performance criteria.

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Automated MES End2End Testing

End2End testing is an extension of Functional Automated MES Tests. In functional tests, we focus on the actions directly in MES. End2End extends the verification by checking also the integration of the solution with external systems like ERP and the Automation as well. Sending messages between systems usually takes place behind the scences and is not visible to the user. Communication from ERP through MES to Automation is a complex process and only a fraction of it is visible to the MES user. As far as the simulation of communication between ERP and MES is well-known, then the simulation of communication between MES and Automation is unique and uncommon.

Questions that you may have:

  • What tools should we use to do End2End MES Testing?

  • How to check complete business flow from the ERP to the MES and the Automation as well with only MES installed?

  • How to simulate automation behavior without a PLC connected to the test environment?


Andea believes that testing the complete MES flow including integration with the automation layer is an extraordinary opportunity to provide you with invaluable information on how well your systems are integrated. We will advise you on the benefits coming from Automated MES End2End tests.

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