EMS Summit 2018 – Berlin

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Join us Nov. 26-28, we will be in Berlin for the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit. Andea is a proud partner of the event and we will be on hand to show you our latest technology developments and discuss how this technology can be used to help you manufacturer smarter. More event info at https://www.ems-summit.com


Day Three of the Event

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Hello form the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit in Berlin. Andea is keeping busy at the event presenting how our products and solutions can help clients improve manufacturing efficiency, quality and assure compliance at the shop floor. Today is the last day of the event - we have generated quite a bit of interest during the first two days and are looking forward to conclude our participation on a positive note.


Post-Event highlights

Andea’s last visit to the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit in Berlin was a great success. Main topics covered during the 2018 EMS Summit were:

  • Smart Factory of the future

  • Lean & OpEx strategies

  • Leadership techniques

  • industry 4.0 & IoT

  • How to become more agile, flexible and responsive

The summit provided Andea with a great opportunity to present how our products and solutions can help increase manufacturing performance.

Please see summit highlights video and photos published by the event organizer.


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