Evolve to Industry 4.0 with Andea eBox

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What's Andea eBox?


Andea eBox is a comprehensive equipment monitoring solution that can be deployed in a few days. Track Performance, Quality, Availability, Tasks and Alerts on any machine.



Main Features

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Alerts about shopfloor issues

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Tracks the current status of production equipment

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Provides real-time OEE insight

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Creates automatic reports and data exports

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Allows easy access on your phone, tablet or PC

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Keeps everyone informed with data in the cloud

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Scales to your evolving needs



A closer look at Andea eBox


eBox’s interface is easy to configure and use. Its assortment of metrics, options and thoughtful features aid in keeping production running smoothly.

  • Includes ready metrics

  • Allows modifying and configuring new metrics

  • Enables classification of downtimes and defects

  • Measures planned and unplanned downtime

  • Facilitates personalization of screen layout

  • Provides reports on-premises and in the cloud with data analysis capabilities

  • Communicates notifications on-screen or via email



Easy Implementation

  • eBox is an affordable first step towards Industry 4.0

  • Light and flexible, it’s designed to adopt to existing equipment and effortlessly grow with your production needs

  • No need to wait, installation is fast and production data is available immediately, anytime and it’s always up-to-date



Watch the Andea eBox video

See how Andea eBox keeps Operators, Managers, and Analysts informed.



Sample Dashboards



Real-time data -

High-visibility UI -

Flexible layout -

Instant notifications -

Any KPI -

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Customizable interface -

Rich data visualization -

Multiple dashboards -

Role based access rights -

User-friendly interface -

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Sample Implementations

Woodward uses Andea eWorkin for visual quality control in a complex assembly manufacturing environment.

Sudzucker applied Andea eBox to monitor the OEE of a sugar packaging line.

Embraco applied Andea eWorkin in its preventive maintenance for compressor assembly lines.

Andea eBox is used by Embraco to track the availability and performance of press and bore milling machines.


At Novelis, Andea eBox is being used to monitor the production of aluminum rolls and maintenance alerts.


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