eBox Line Monitoring - increasing manufacturing efficiency

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Andea eBox implementation is the first stepping stone in Expur’s digital transformation journey. We now have access to reliable and timely data, which enables us to make more informed decisions on how to improve our performance and quality.

Lucian Turache, Maintenance & Utilities Director.

PMI's Research & Development facility in Neuchatel. Switzerland
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The main activity of Expur is to transform rapeseeds and sunflower seeds into edible oil for human nutrition, oilseed meal for animal nutrition, and biodiesel. Expur also packages and sells table oils utilizing its own company brand names.

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  • optimize the filling and packaging lines for bottled oil

  • automatically collect production data and convert it into meaningful metrics

  • enable management team to asses production performance and drive further improvements

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  • automated data collection from bottling lines

  • display of real-time performance and quality KPIs to Production Operators

  • provide Supervisors with Order and Shift performance summaries

  • alerting and notifications

  • Production and Maintenance reports

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Expur selected Andea eBox Line Monitoring solution for the manufacturing plant in Slobozia, Romania. Expur decided to use the standard eBox functionality and focus on improving the following key areas:

  • production line monitoring

  • shop-floor communication

  • data analysis to support

  • continuous improvement initiatives


In addition to the delivery of standard solution implementation services, Andea provided the following strategic consulting services:

  • production performance and quality best practices review

  • functional scope guidance to help Expur obtain the desired business results

  • advice on the machine connectivity approach to enable automated data collection from existing production lines



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Today, Andea eBox allows Expur to collect and analyze data from production lines in real-time. The eBox functionalities require minimum human input, which is limited to selecting current production order, classifying downtimes and reporting maintenance tasks execution. The eBox solution improves communication between Production and Maintenance personnel.

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The system generates automatic alerts for cases that require immediate reaction. Production status information can be accessed from any computer or any mobile device, giving Supervisors fast and efficient way to assess what is happening on the shop floor. Order execution details and statistics can be analyzed using a set of predefined reports.

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The first phase of the project was completed in less than five (5) weeks. Expur now plans to deploy eBox Line Monitoring solution to additional production lines and enhance the functional features.

With the short implementation time, eBox has proved to be a highly efficient and affordable solution. That is accentuated by the fact that the implementation did not require any production downtime. Expur is in the process of gathering detail information for its improvement initiatives.