How Andea helped Burger King SEE improve its data warehouse design and performance

Every prominent corporation that operates with the usage of a large quantity of data faces a critical challenge–how to store and manage it. In many instances, a data warehouse is an answer. Burger King SEE is one of such companies. Their priority was to find a supplier who would take responsibility for data warehouse management and maintenance so that the database is an efficient, dependable, and a duplicate-free tool.

We accepted the challenge!

As a result, our client reduced the loading time of selected ETLs by 72%

Andea turned out to be a great partner to collaborate with. Implementing their recommendations has significantly improved the performance of our solution. Simultaneously, they enabled the addition of new source systems and further development. Throughout the process, maintenance, implementation of corrections, and change requests have always been carried out successfully. We consider Andea to be both a flexible and capable partner.

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