How Andea made agile MES/MOM implementation possible for CoorsTek

CoorsTek sites are highly machine-centric, with operators operating up to four machines at once. These machines produce parts to very high accuracies (thousands of an inch) and run highly automated. CoorsTek’s sites run 24×7, so having a high-quality maintenance program is essential to keep up with demand. They used a home-grown maintenance solution called “Tracker”, which has outgrown its original purpose and could not efficiently track labor or manage spare parts. CoorsTek also selected Apriso to be the default shop-floor applications which they plan to roll out and move from the QAD ERP instance to a future ERP system over the next few years, so they needed a solution that can accommodate this move and their vision.

The main goal of the project was to replace the Tracker solution with Apriso maintenance, manage spare parts, and set up the environment for rapid growth.

CoorsTek started working with Andea after they were highly recommended due to their extensive experience in both the Apriso platform and manufacturing software in general. It was clear very early on that this recommendation was warranted as Andea exceeded our expectations both in what they produced and how they did it. We, as a combined team, successfully completed our implementation under budget with over 300% of the planned scope. I’m very excited about our future partnership and I look forward to implementing our complete manufacturing solution globally.

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