Intelligent planning and scheduling for life science manufacturing excellence

In today’s world, life science transformation is increasingly more important for environment and has a significant impact on manufacturing. With the new trends regularly emerging, personalized health has become the latest pressing issue for both factories and laboratories.

Customized healthcare results in higher product mix and smaller batches, which drives the need for maximum productivity while reducing inventories, cutting costs, and keeping operations agile and flexible.

Life science manufacturers need ways to increase traceability and ensure the highest quality as they meet arising needs to:

  • Deal with steadily rising backlogs and costs
  • Increase service level while reducing lead time
  • Achieve higher efficiency
  • Anticipate and control load
  • Be prepared for more incoming requests, higher demand for new products, and unplanned events.

Delmia Ortems provides an automated and dynamic system that seamlessly integrates with your existing business solutions and manufacturing execution systems (MES). You can capitalize on real-time feedback to optimize and maximize planning and scheduling processes. Transform your production and achieve manufacturing excellence.

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