Our solutions improve manufacturing efficiency, quality and assure compliance at the shop floor.

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Andea eWorkin is a comprehensive mobile work instruction solution. eWorkin improves the efficiency and compliance of maintenance, quality control and assembly personnel. Users are provided with individual tasks, instructions, check lists, alerts and dashboards directly on their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

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"With Andea eWorkin we have fewer errors, a streamlined workflow and user friendly analytics."

Piotr Kaczak, Quality Manager at Woodward



Andea eBox is a strategic equipment monitoring solution. eBox is aimed to maximize the efficiency of the shop floor equipment. Within days, eBox can start monitoring the Performance, Quality and Availability of any machine (new or old) and provide insight on how to better utilize these assets.

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"Andea eBox helped us improve performance and assure regulatory compliance in our packaging process."

Andreas Veil, Business Process Owner at Südzucker AG