Andea Guide: Deploying MES in a Repetitive Manufacturing Environment

We are MES experts, and we always look for ways to improve our clients’ production processes.

Andea has performed many MES deployments for customers who operate in a repetitive-type manufacturing environment, and we would like to share our ‘know-how’ from these projects with you.

The characteristics of repetitive manufacturing typically include: 

  • production of the same or similar products over a lengthy period of time; 

  • products typically follow the same sequence through the machines and work centers; 

  • routings tend to be simple and do not vary much. 

Deploying an MES solution in a repetitive manufacturing environment can deliver many benefits, including: 

  • speed-up production line set-up and changeover times; 

  • assure just-in-time delivery of production components;  

  • reduce paper trail;  

  • improve machine up-time;  

  • provide supervisors and managers with data needed to improve the production process.   

Do you want to know more? Download the Andea Guide for Deploying MES in a Repetitive Manufacturing Environment. It contains a wealth of information straight from our MES experts.

All of the Andea Guides are based on the “Meet the ExpertS” webinar series that connects Andea experts with industry professionals. The webinars cover interesting topics on how MES can improve various production processes, including; Logistics, Quality Management, and Plant Maintenance.

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