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Andea is your partner in striving for manufacturing excellence. We understand that the dynamic manufacturing landscape and your business requirements frequently change while budgets and timelines continue to shrink. Therefore, we act as a trusted advisor to help you implement and maintain only the highest-quality MES/MOM solutions that deliver visible and fast return on investment.

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Over the years, our MES consultants have gathered a deep understanding of our clients’ industries and challenges. It is this understanding that today allows them to work well in complex manufacturing environments. We have the experience and the talent to offer a full spectrum of MES strategy and implementation services. Our MES consultants can handle the entire process, from conducting assessments and building a strategic MES roadmap to architecting and implementing MES solutions on a global scale.

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We provide smart manufacturing software solutions that allow you to achieve more for less. With the right technology and processes, whether it’s real-time visibility, advanced planning, and scheduling or cloud-based & off-the-shelf applications, our solutions will empower you to optimize your shop floor operations to their maximum potential. We’ll take your production and business goals into consideration and help you choose and deploy the most efficient solution to achieve them.

Industries we are active in

01Aerospace & Defense

Complex BOM management, quality, security, traceability, and regulatory compliance are the foundation of aerospace & defense manufacturing. We have the experience and processes necessary to meet those requirements.


Our top-tier MES solutions empower our clients to reduce cycle times, increase capacity, gather real-time data and, reduce quality defects. The result? Significant production cost reduction without sacrificing the quality.


Is achieving faster speed to market while adhering to regulatory requirements possible without implementing complex processes or making extensive resource investments? With the rise of robust MES solutions, it is now.

04Food & Confectionery

Traceability, continuous product innovation, and changes in packaging pose an ongoing challenge in food production. Our MES solutions will help overcome these challenges while keeping the costs down.

05High Tech

From chips and circuit boards to computers, high-technology manufacturing is characterized by complex, costly, and demand-driven processes. But complex environments is where our MES consultants thrive.


Cost-efficiency is a top priority due to the home appliances industry’s highly competitive environment. An end-to-end MES solution helps optimize production and increase operating margins.


We are not intimidated by the energy generation industry’s rigorous standards and short deadlines. In fact, it often motivates our MES consultants to build even more valuable solutions.


A lengthy design process and increased demand for product customization call for more control and visibility over manufacturing data – something our MES solutions can deliver.


Medical device manufacturing requires reliable and consistent quality management and data collection from down to micron and submicron levels. Our services fulfill both of those requirements.


Rising raw material costs and sustainability concerns demand packaging manufacturers to increase production efficiency. Our Solutions Architects will find the optimal solution for your needs.


Increasingly strict regulations in the tobacco industry have a significant impact on revenue. Our extensive experience in this space and innovative solutions will reduce production costs and allow you to produce more for less.


Dassault Systèmes

Andea is proud to be Dassault Systèmes’ System & Consulting Integrator Partner. The primary mission of the CSI global network of trusted and reliable service providers is to help clients unlock the value of their technology investments. Andea is also a Value Added Reseller for the DELMIA Apriso and Ortems solutions.

Why Andea?

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Global Manufacturers

Including companies like Bombardier, CoorsTek, Hexcel, Hitachi, Kubota, Magna, Suedzucker, or U-Shin just to name a few. We have experience in both; implementing off-the-shelf MES software and building custom manufacturing solutions to meet our client’s needs.

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MES/APS Projects

Converting requirements into fully functional solutions that deliver value is the #1 reason why our clients put more and more trust in us each year. Our experience and dedication will help you minimize your MES project risks.

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Manufacturing Sites

Deploying and managing global, enterprise-wide MES projects is no challenge for our consultants. We will help you create an MES strategy and detailed roadmap to ensure that your global MES is implemented smoothly and effectively.

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