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How does DELMIA Ortems aid manufacturers?

DELMIA Ortems extends capabilities of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to drive improved resource optimization and production flows synchronization. The solution enables automated, dynamic, and advanced planning and scheduling of your production processes, which ultimately empowers you to achieve manufacturing excellence.
Creating production plans in DELMIA Ortems allows for swift reaction to both highly probable and emergency situations. Consequently, you gain greater control of your current and planned manufacturing processes and experience improved operational efficiency. Enhanced responsiveness and visibility of production cycles result in harmonized production flows, increased production rates, shortened lead times, improved management of raw materials inventory, and increased plant capacity.

Enterprises that have chosen DELMIA Ortems experienced numerous gains, including:


Full automation and digitalization of planning processes and scheduling activities


Insights and data enabling calculation of achievable production schedules


Significant improvement of production capacity and efficiency with no additional production investments 


Accurately estimated lead times and improved on-time delivery of goods


Maximizing the use of available raw materials and components based on anticipated inventory demands Managing requirements, production capacity, and stock material intelligently at every bill of materials (BOM) level, guided by data-driven insights Tailor production process planning to align with the complexity of the product and the ever-changing market dynamics Incorporating production process constraints into the optimization of multiple lines and the synchronization of scheduling Data-driven decision support analysis and what-if simulations


Easier planning and accommodation of resources for ad-hoc orders

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“In the process of selecting the APS system, we paid attention not only to the product and its producer but also to the partner with whom we will implement the system. Andea is a reliable partner with many years of experience in the production support systems market. The cooperation and support are at a high level. We are confident that the project will achieve its goals within the set timeline.”

Maciej Krzysiek
IT Manager at NordGlass
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“DELMIA Ortems APS helped improve the visibility into our key production processes and allowed us to plan and optimize them with confidence. As we continue our optimization journey, Andea continues to add significant value with their in-depth knowledge of the Ortems solution and objective recommendations on how to use it effectively to improve our planning.”

Corporate Planning Manager
at Sierra Nevada Corporation
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Trusted by leading global organizations

What is DELMIA Ortems?

DELMIA Ortems is an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system that helps companies quickly develop detailed production schedules and short-, medium-, and long-term production plans. It comes with a suite of three dedicated modules that drive synchronization and optimization of manufacturing operations across multiple lines, preventing you from missing important deadlines.

The ability to successfully resolve operational issues between requirements and capacity allows for seamless production process integration and a unified view of all production. As a result, you can quickly and precisely identify manufacturing bottlenecks and implement schedule modifications. Efficiently managed lead times and minimized machine downtimes enable you to respond quickly to disruptions or unexpected issues, all while strengthening relationships with existing clients and forging new partnerships.

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Whom is DELMIA Ortems for?

DELMIA Ortems is intended for manufacturers with multiple production lines and work centers who seek out-of-the-box (OOTB) advanced planning and scheduling software to automate and optimize their processes. To ensure the successful implementation of the DELMIA Ortems software, it's essential to have key metrics and data readily available in PLM, ERP, and MES systems, along with other digital data sources. This availability lays a strong foundation for maximizing the software's potential.

Your company’s size, industry, sector, or production type does not ultimately determine whether you can roll out the system. DELMIA’s APS solution can be equally effective in a variety of manufacturing areas and production types, from low-volume to high-volume production, including such types as project-based, engineering-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), and make-to-stock (MTS). Before starting an APS project, it's important to ensure that your budget and business needs are in harmony with your specific planning and scheduling requirements, setting the stage for a successful implementation.

DELMIA Ortems is ideally suited for medium to large manufacturing companies, offering optimized solutions that align well with their business and financial frameworks. However, DELMIA Ortems may not be a good fit for very small manufacturers or those specifically seeking a sales and operations planning (S&OP) solution. In these cases, exploring alternatives that cater specifically to these needs might be more beneficial.

What business benefits does DELMIA Ortems deliver?

DELMIA Ortems provides numerous business benefits for manufacturers who choose this system as their APS software. If you require an OOTB solution that will support your advanced planning and scheduling needs, DELMIA Ortems can potentially help you:

Shorten production cycles by 50%

Lower stock level by 40%

Increase production efficiency by 10%

Reduce retooling time by 25%

Cut production plan development time by 60%

Boost order planning and monitoring by 100%

Improve customer service metrics by 50%

Decrease production lead times by 40%

What makes DELMIA Ortems different?

DELMIA Ortems offers dedicated OOTB planning and scheduling tools that help manufacturing businesses from various industries successfully plan and schedule production to meet objectives and minimize costs. Once integrated, the APS system:

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Expertly manages advanced planning and scheduling for both discrete and process production types Facilitates medium and long-term planning for manufacturers who start noticing the need to plan ahead as their production is growing and maturing

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Enables production planners and supervisors in project-based or ETO manufacturing to plan and schedule processes accurately from the start 

Enhances inventory management by synchronizing multilevel BOMs and automating order generation for semi-finished products, which leads to a significant reduction in excess inventory and improved control over safety stock Strengthens customer relationships by enhancing traceability from customer to supplier, improving reliability in lead times, and providing superior customer service Delivers consistent effectiveness across different industries and sectors, amplifying operational performance, enhancing supply chain oversight, and increasing manufacturing capacity and productivity

Where DELMIA Ortems adds value

The advanced planning and scheduling software from DELMIA Ortems offers various OOTB capabilities that interconnect key areas of your production environment to help you effectively manage production flows, optimize resource capacity, limit or eliminate planning faults, and solve operational hurdles.

Shop floor

Achieve heightened production capabilities with increased efficiency, enabling you to produce more at the same or even reduced costs. Effectively manage shop-floor operations to realize complex projects that require maximum precision in planning the duration of technological processes. Maximize your shop floor's production potential using existing resources, and enhance agility to adapt seamlessly to unforeseen events on the shop floor. 

Supply chain

Utilize cutting-edge, collaborative features that empower supply chain personnel to remain updated and actively engage in information exchange, tailored to their authorization levels and responsibilities. To optimize supply chain management, share your planning processes and key performance indicators (KPIs) with clients, contractors, suppliers, and partners throughout the enterprise, fostering transparency and enhanced coordination.


Harness the just-in-time (JIT) system's capabilities to seamlessly integrate requirements and manufacturing capacity across all BOM levels. This integration ensures optimal inventory planning, heightened control over material flow, and enhanced manufacturing capacity. By employing a multilevel BOM approach, you can synchronize purchase and work orders from raw materials to semi-finished and finished goods. This strategy not only balances loads but also accelerates the flow lines, leading to more efficient production processes. 


Leverage production data to develop precise manufacturing plans and schedules, minimizing risks and reducing errors in planning equipment availability, human resource management, and ordering essential raw materials or components for fulfilling your production orders. Utilize the Visual Interface Configurator (VIC) to seamlessly integrate the DELMIA Ortems APS system with external data sources such as 3rd party systems, databases, and files. Maximize the benefits of the VIC module to establish automated interfaces with your ERP, PLM, and MES solutions.

How DELMIA Ortems makes a difference

DELMIA Ortems comprises a set of three modules that effectively automate and digitalize your planning and scheduling processes to ensure you gain a competitive edge. To make your digital transformation faster and easier, DELMIA Ortems provides functionalities that effectively standardize and harmonize your manufacturing operations.

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Manufacturing Planner (MP)

Use Manufacturing Planner to streamline manufacturing planning and expand your production capabilities by minimizing production disruptions with contingency planning. Run load analysis and identify bottlenecks to assess production capacity for mid and long-term planning.

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Production Scheduler (PS)

Leverage Production Scheduler to increase productivity and reduce changeover times. Use insights on machine, operator, and tool constraints to optimize the production plan, sequence of operations, and raw material inventory.

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Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP)

Use Synchronized Requirements Planner to reduce buffer inventory, synchronize materials and works across your manufacturing processes, and harmonize requirements and production capacity for raw materials and just-in-time products across multilevel BOMs.

How to get started with DELMIA Ortems APS

If you are interested in knowing how to capitalize on the advanced planning and scheduling capabilities that DELMIA Ortems offers, our team of experts will gladly provide more details. A typical process, from the first contact, through a product demo, to implementation, would most likely include the following elements:

Meeting with a DELMIA Ortems consultant to discuss your production model and business demands

Making sure that you have personnel that can be delegated to the DELMIA Ortems APS project and trained on how to use the software

Evaluating your IT architecture, technical capabilities, and existing data collection systems to ensure they meet the necessary technological requirements

Ensuring you can successfully complete the data consolidation process

Conducting formal procedures including sales negotiations and contracts

Identifying the scope of your project and the desired outcome

Throughout the project, our implementation team will leverage their practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and exhaustive know-how. With a track record of over 670 successful implementations for clients globally, including renowned companies like NordGlass and Sierra Nevada Corporation, our specialists consistently excel in identifying the most suitable approach and methodology for successful deployment. We wholeheartedly encourage you to connect with our consultants and explore how DELMIA Ortems can revolutionize your planning and scheduling capabilities.

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About us

Since its foundation in 2014, Andea has quickly and dynamically grown to establish itself as one of the most trusted and valued DELMIA Ortems APS integrators. Our intimate knowledge of advanced planning and scheduling combined with the breadth of industry experience and ability to deliver holistic APS software services position us among the market frontrunners today.

We are one of a few licensed Consulting & System Integrators certified in Dassault Systèmes technologies such as DELMIA Ortems. Our consulting team comprises top specialists delivering APS software services to clients across the globe. All our DELMIA Ortems consultants are highly qualified and have a proven track record of integrating APS systems for companies in North America and Europe.

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Experience in deploying MES/APS in 11+ manufacturing industries

Curious how DELMIA Ortems can help you?

Reach out to our consultants so they can answer your questions and tell you more about DELMIA Ortems and the benefits you can experience.

Ireneusz Polanski

Ireneusz Polański

Director – Solutions Delivery Services

Ireneusz is a results-driven executive who works with clients to ensure seamless and successful rollouts of DELMIA solutions. With more than 20 years of experience working across multidisciplinary, international environments, he has developed both a strong interest in and a proven track record of providing the highest standards of customer service and ensuring client satisfaction. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt with certifications in Project Management such as IPMA – International Project Management Association and Agile Project Management Foundation. His career spans over two decades of success in key operational areas including quality, engineering, production, supply chain, project management, and sales management. Before joining Andea, Ireneusz worked for big international automotive companies: nine years for Valeo in Poland, four years for Audi in Germany, and seven years for Rupert Fertinger in Austria and Poland. Ireneusz earned degrees in Automatics and Robotics at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Business Administration in Management at Cracow University of Technology & Central Connecticut State University.

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Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland
James Delnick Png 1

Jim Delnick

Director—North America Sales

Jim is the Director of North America Sales where he leads sales pursuits for DELMIA Apriso and Ortems software and services. His passion for manufacturing has turned into a successful career spanning decades in various senior sales roles across various industries, including automotive, industrial, medical device, and aerospace & defense. Jim’s extensive experience and natural openness enable him to effectively assist clients in defining and executing digital transformation initiatives, including defining the range of top-level financial metrics. He is also an advocate of the Gap Selling Methodology, which emphasizes a deep understanding of the client’s business challenges and potential benefits before proposing a solution. Before joining Andea, Jim worked for several MES providers and a leading industrial automation provider. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology/Manufacturing Engineering at Western Illinois University and has a Master of Administration from Central Michigan University. Outside of work, Jim is an avid pilot and holds a commercial pilots license for single and multi-engine aircraft.

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Clarkston, Michigan, United States
Clarkston, Michigan, United States
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