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How DELMIA Apriso helps?

DELMIA's manufacturing suite provides real-time analytics and insights to enable global manufacturing companies to better manage production at all stages, from planning and scheduling, through warehouse, inventory, time, and labor, all the way to execution, quality control, and maintenance.


To achieve this objective and support manufacturers as they transform global production operations, DELMIA Apriso creates a flexible, scalable, secure, and unified view of all processes and ensures seamless integration to shop-floor equipment through dedicated technologies such as the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA).

Enterprises that have chosen DELMIA Apriso MES experience numerous benefits that include:


Instant and continuous access to the right information by the right people at the right moment.


A quicker and improved decision-making process in all aspects of production and manufacturing operations.


More accurate production capacity analysis, standardized lead times, improved work-in-process (WIP), and better inventory turnover.


A single, cross-enterprise system of record that increases control, accelerates and simplifies crucial processes, and enhances collaboration.


A single source of truth (SSOT) that eliminates silos across departments, teams, and operations to ensure a synchronized and coordinated flow of information and better monitoring of different manufacturing activities.


Reduced waste, inventory, and cycle times, which results in greater efficiency, higher quality, and customer satisfaction.


Data-driven key performance indicators (KPI) that help accurately measure productivity and efficiently manage production lines in real time.


Easier and effective regulatory compliance.

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Find out how DELMIA Apriso capabilities can increase your manufacturing quality and performance.

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Our clients

The Apriso platform has given us the ability to revolutionize and standardize our manufacturing practices across a diverse product portfolio. Andea has not only brought to the table deep knowledge of the DELMIA solutions, but strong expertise in good manufacturing practices that we have been able to apply in our organization."

Jason Priebe
VP of Corporate Operations at Sierra Nevada Corporation
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Andea has provided Magna with DELMIA Apriso MES services. They have a broad knowledge and experience with Apriso and with their help, we were able to increase the performance and reliability of our existing MES implementation and to improve our business processes and efficiency. We consider Andea as a very flexible and capable partner!

Kurt Siegl
VP Manufacturing Solutions at Magna
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Trusted by leading global organizations

What is DELMIA Apriso?

DELMIA Apriso is a manufacturing execution system (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution that helps companies control manufacturing excellence and improve global manufacturing operations. The DELMIA Apriso platform offers a set of applications that effectively enhance real-time operations management and drive digital transformation through automation and digitalization of production processes.

The DELMIA Apriso applications greatly facilitate enterprise manufacturing intelligence, enabling manufacturers to collect and organize production data from data entry points and equipment across the enterprise. The insights gained from the collected information enable companies to upgrade their operating model and successfully achieve lasting manufacturing excellence while gaining competitive advantage.

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Whom is DELMIA Apriso for?

DELMIA Apriso delivers the greatest benefits for medium and large manufacturers that need to transform global production across multiple manufacturing sites. Mid- and big-sized organizations will fully reap the rewards of bespoke applications and gain a single center of excellence to manage complex multisite operations. Smaller manufacturing companies with a single site and simplistic, very repetitive, standardized manufacturing processes will not capitalize on most of the capabilities the platform provides.

Apriso is geared towards manufacturers who are willing and able to invest funds and time in a licensed platform and services tailored to their production processes, key performance indicators, and the business model. While the platform offers a few out-of-the-box (OOTB) modules, it is not an OOTB tool. Single-site manufacturers seeking an instant rollout of OOTB features to quickly support their processes will most likely not experience a justifiable return on investment.

What business benefits does DELMIA Apriso MES deliver?

DELMIA Apriso provides numerous business benefits for mid- to large-volume manufacturers whose multisite production is too advanced for OOTB tools. If you require a solution tailored to your specific needs, DELMIA Apriso MES/MOM

Can successfully replace your legacy systems to become the center of excellence across multiple sites and operations

Provides all necessary tools, features, and modules that allow for full customization of the available platform capabilities

Seamlessly integrates with external systems and data sources to effectively monitor key production processes from raw materials and stock, through time and labor, to quality control

Can be constantly updated and easily reconfigured to adapt to any changes in your scope, requirements, objectives, or business model that typically evolve over time

Where DELMIA Apriso adds value

DELMIA Apriso software comprises a robust set of applications that effectively help transform your global production operations by improving and digitalizing all key aspects of your manufacturing environment.

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Gain a unified view and real-time visibility into your warehouse operations to synchronize production with inventory management, improve manufacturing efficiency, and decrease inventory cost.

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Achieve manufacturing excellence in a dynamic production environment through improved business operations management, maximized capacity, optimized resources, and increased visibility into shop-floor processes.

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Ensure the best quality at the reduced cost through greater traceability, improved product genealogy, and effective quality control across all your production processes and manufacturing operations.

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Eliminate unexpected issues, limit unplanned events, reduce disruptions, and minimize downtime, all while maximizing uptime across your whole manufacturing landscape.

How DELMIA Apriso MES solutions make difference

DELMIA Apriso MES applications empower you all throughout your digital transformation journey towards operational excellence. To ensure the transition of your production processes to a new technological model is successful, the Apriso software suite provides industry-leading solutions that effectively improve your manufacturing operations management.

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Business Process Management

Develop and apply best practices across multiple facilities to ensure unified guidelines and standardized processes are implemented for faster time to market and better customer satisfaction.

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Business Integrator

Use available built-in links to seamlessly integrate external business systems and third-party solutions with DELMIA Apriso applications to synchronize operations within your manufacturing environment.

Icon background Arrows To Center

Center of Excellence

Standardize and roll out your enterprise MES solution to all plants and gain a centralized, unified view of all manufacturing processes to accurately measure production processes and boost performance.

Icon background Quality Approve

Enterprise Quality Management System

Extend your traditional quality management systems to achieve greater control and visibility into global production operations and improve quality assurance across the entire enterprise and product supply network.

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Global Manufacturing Suite

Synchronize, control, and manage global production processes across multiple facilities to increase traceability, improve visibility, enhance performance, reduce time to market, and meet customer expectations.

Icon background Robot Arm

Machine Integrator

Integrate DELMIA Apriso applications to various manufacturing devices and a great variety of shop floor equipment, such as robots, sensors, or RFID readers, drive automation of your manufacturing operations.

Icon background Brain Ai

Manufacturing Process Intelligence

Transform data into meaningful information to drive better decisions and business improvement while eliminating the complexities of building and maintaining a data warehouse.

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MPI Lite

Improve your plant management with the DELMIA Apriso's dedicated application that provides real-time analytics and reporting to help you maintain high shop-floor efficiency and determine areas for improvement.

Icon background Time Approve

Time and Labor

Achieve manufacturing excellence through effective monitoring of employee performance across the entire production environment and ensuring labor tracking is always closely linked to all your plant operations.

How to get started with DELMIA Apriso MES

If you are interested how to start reaping the benefits of DELMIA Apriso software, our team of experts will gladly discuss the details. A typical process, from a product demo, through planning, to implementation, would most likely include the following elements:

  1. Meeting with a DELMIA Apriso consulting team to discuss your user requirements and project objectives.

  2. Experiencing DELMIA Apriso software through a product demo.

  3. Conducting on-site visit to gain better understanding of ‘as-is’ business processes & existing system infrastructure.

  4. Generating strategic recommendations for global MES implementation & qualitative overview of benefits and potential value MES solution can generate.

  5. Delivering functional proposals and technical designs.

  6. Configuring and customizing the DELMIA Apriso solution.

  7. Running functional, integration, and user acceptance tests.

  8. Preparing and executing multi-site DELMIA Apriso solution rollouts.

  9. Providing on-going application support services to ensure continued success of the MES project.

To better meet client needs, our implementation teams capitalize on their extensive know-how, real-world knowledge, and hands-on experience. With over 670 successful implementations for clients all over the world, including CoorsTek, Magna, or Sierra Nevada Corporation, our specialists are experienced in using diverse methodologies and approaches, such as Agile. We strongly encourage you to book a product demo and start reaping the benefits of DELMIA Apriso MES.

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Curious how DELMIA Apriso MES can transform your global production operations and improve manufacturing processes?

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About us

Since its foundation in 2014, Andea has quickly grown and dynamically developed to establish itself as one of the most trusted and sought after DELMIA Apriso MES providers. Our wealth of industry experience and ability to deliver holistic DELMIA Apriso services positions us among the marketplace leaders today.

We are one of a few licensed Consulting & System Integrators certified in Dassault Systèmes technologies such as DELMIA Apriso. Our consulting team currently comprises 190 top specialists delivering services and solutions to clients across four continents. All our DELMIA Apriso consultants are well trained, highly skilled, and have many successful projects delivered for companies in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

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years in business

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years of cumulative experience in implementing enterprise MOM

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experience in deploying MOM in +11 manufacturing industries

Curious how DELMIA Apriso MES can help you?

Get in touch with our experts so they can answer your questions and tell you more about DELMIA Apriso MES and the benefits you can experience.

Ireneusz Polanski

Ireneusz Polański

Director—Solutions Delivery Services

Ireneusz is the Director — Solution Delivery. He is a results-driven executive who works with clients to ensure seamless and successful rollouts of DELMIA solutions. With more than 20 years of experience working across multidisciplinary, international environments, he has developed both a strong interest in and a proven track record of providing the highest standards of customer service and ensuring client satisfaction. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt with certifications in Project Management such as IPMA – International Project Management Association and Agile Project Management Foundation. His career spans over two decades of success in key operational areas including quality, engineering, production, supply chain, project management, and sales management. Before joining Andea, Ireneusz worked for big international automotive companies: nine years for Valeo in Poland, four years for Audi in Germany, and seven years for Rupert Fertinger in Austria and Poland. Ireneusz earned a degree in automatics and robotics at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and a Master of Business Administration in management at Cracow University of Technology & Central Connecticut State University.

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Krakow, Poland
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