The Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP) is an indispensable module for Material Requirements Planning (MRP Software) systems, designed to support multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) structures. As a vital part of the DELMIA Ortems Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software, this module works alongside Manufacturing Production Scheduling Software and Manufacturing Production Planning Software.

Material Requirements Planning Software (Synchronized Requirements Planner) allows users to automate order generation for semi-finished products and establish dynamic connections between them. The system consistently tracks individual production tasks (semi-finished products), adjusting production plans automatically in the event of delays.

Utilizing a synchronized MRP system, SRP can generate orders for all BOM levels while considering machine availability, operations, and material requirements. This module plays a significant role in both production scheduling and manufacturing planning, making it an invaluable tool for creating detailed production schedules within a single APS system.

Benefits of Synchronized MRP Software include streamlined inventory management, enhanced production lead times, and improved accuracy in production planning. The module provides a comprehensive solution for managing complex production processes and optimizing resource utilization. Furthermore, SRP helps in efficiently handling customer demand, capacity planning, and inventory control.

By incorporating SRP into your MRP system, you can ensure optimal material planning, reducing production costs and increasing flexibility in your manufacturing operations. This integration leads to more accurate forecasting of demand, improved capacity requirement planning, and better synchronization of production plans based on available resources, ultimately leading to a more efficient and profitable production process.

Optimize your inventory and material flow with the synchronized MRP system—the Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP) module

Synchronized MRP Software (Synchronized Requirements Planner) module is a powerful tool for managing multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) structures in Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems. With SRP, you can optimize inventory control, efficiently manage raw materials, and implement the Just in Time (JiT) management strategy. This enhances production efficiency and reduces costs, ensuring smooth and efficient production processes, and enabling you to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget.

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Automate your semi-finished product orders

Synchronized MRP Software (Synchronized Requirements Planner) streamlines your manufacturing operations by automatically generating semi-finished product orders and establishing dynamic relationships between them. In case of any delays in one order, the system adjusts all related operations and production plans, helping you maintain optimal production schedules, reduce lead time, and meet customer demand.

The user-friendly graphical interface of SRP makes it easy for planners and authorized personnel to monitor the status of orders, production plans, and inventory levels in real-time, ensuring efficient inventory management and accurate production forecasting.


Enhance planning and scheduling with Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP Software) – Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP) module creates links between semi-finished and finished products, taking into account the availability of machines, operations, and materials under limited capacity conditions. This results in improved resource allocation and advanced planning capabilities.

SRP is a valuable addition to Manufacturing Production Scheduling Software and Manufacturing Production Planning Software, complementing both order scheduling and long-term production planning for increased efficiency and flexibility in your manufacturing process.

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With DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP), you can:


Optimize inventory and stock levels for semi-finished goods to reduce carrying costs and improve inventory control


Synchronize production orders with current and predictable inventory levels for better resource planning and capacity requirement planning


Improve customer service and order fulfillment times by anticipating material requirements and efficiently managing production lead times


Easily configure notifications for overproduction to minimize waste and maximize efficiency


Simultaneously supply semi-finished products for multiple finished products with Material Overlap Links for a more streamlined and flexible manufacturing process


Generate a comprehensive Material Requirements Plan (MRP) to enhance production planning, scheduling, and forecasting accuracy, ultimately improving your manufacturing operations

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