Andea Grants – St. Padre Pio Organization

What is Andea Grants?

Our monthly charitable program enables our employees to support causes which are important to them. Among others, past grant recipients have included mountain rescue teams, children’s hospitals, and animal shelters.


St. Padre Pio Organization

Chosen by / Date:

Tomasz Błaż/ November 2021

Why did Tomasz choose this cause?

“Well, I thought about this for some time, there are many people in need, and I could only choose one charity. After long reflection and consultation with several people related to charity, I decided to support St. Padre Pio Organization in Krakow. Their commitment to helping the homeless is outstanding. I respect them not only for the necessary help to people in need but also for activating people with the problem of homelessness – providing laundry, baths, and flats until they become independent. It is a huge work that is hardly noticeable in society…
I hope that my support will help someone get the help they need and regain a second life through activation in society.”

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