Automated MES Functional Testing

In manual tests, the tester performs user actions and checks the correctness of a system’s operations. Many of these tests can be done automatically and automated tests come into play here. This technique allows you to automatically check the content of the page, enter data, check the connection to the database and verify the entire business flow. It reduces the duration of testing execution and provides you with the detailed test report.

The ultimate goal of Automated MES Functional Testing is to minimize the number of manual tests, as opposed to replacing manual tests entirely.

When implementing automated tests in MES, you may face various challenges such as:

  • How to introduce automation to your project?

  • How to select the best suited automation tool?

  • How to deal with master data?

  • Which use cases to automate?

  • How to develop scripts effectively?

  • How to execute and maintain test scripts?

  • What are the best practices that you need to follow for successful automation testing?

  • And most importantly: How to optimize the cost of automatic tests in relation to their added value (ROI)?

Andea has answers to these questions and experience in implementing Functional Automated Tests in MES systems.

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