Make your factory smarter

Today we have the technology to go beyond simple data capture. The Internet of Things (IoT) is capable of providing near real-time insights to optimize manufacturing processes. Data from production machinery you can identify unproductive practices, capacity losses, inefficiencies and performance bottlenecks. Proactive machine monitoring can help determine when machines need service to prevent breakdowns and save on routine maintenance costs. Monitoring can also deliver improved quality, less scrap and rework, and lower operating costs.

Andea can help you transform your manufacturing with IoT. Our engineers are well-versed in machine tools, software, and manufacturing systems. We can help you build smarter factories. Andea provides a full range of factory automation services including:

  • PLC installation and configuration

  • Installation of new smart sensors

  • OPC software installation and configuration

  • Development and implementation of turnkey equipment monitoring solutions

Andea’s eBox is a turnkey solution that can track machine performance, quality, availability, tasks, and alerts. eBox can be deployed on any equipment, including machines without PLC’s, in a matter of a few days. Learn more about Andea eBox