We are moving to be active and to give help.

aNDEA MOVES-01-01.png

With the start of Spring 2019, Andea launched a new program for employees - Andea Moves.

The program encourages people to be active. Each month our employees take on the challenge to achieve previously set distance goals within three different categories:


Walking - the minimum distance for one person is 120 km


Running - the minimum distance for one person is 60 km


Cycling - the minimum distance for one person is 150 km


It is a great initiative, especially that participants can create teams of three and together, adding their achievements, turn kilometers into charity.

Since the program started, 4 groups joined their scores and together we had a chance to help two different charities:

- Association for People with Disabilities

- St.Louis Orphanage in Krakow

Big thank you to all participating!