Connecting Production,
Processes, and Technology Globally

We are on the mission to make manufacturing smarter through automation,

seamless data exchange, and years of experience.

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Global Manufacturers

Including companies like CoorsTek, Hexcel, Kubota, Lincoln Electronic or Magna, just to name a few. We have experience in both; implementing off-the-shelf MES/MOM software and building custom manufacturing solutions to meet our client’s needs.

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MES/APS Projects

Converting requirements into fully functional solutions that deliver value is the #1 reason why our clients put more and more trust in us each year. Our experience and dedication will help you minimize your MES/MOM project risks.

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Manufacturing Sites

Deploying and managing global, enterprise-wide MES/MOM projects is no challenge for our MES consultants. We will help you create MES/MOM strategy and detailed roadmap to ensure that your global MES/MOM is implemented smoothly and effectively.

Our solutions are used in those locations

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I truly believe that there is no growth without innovation. Leveraging the best of what today’s manufacturing technology has to offer, and being able to meet the unpredictable market demand as a result is the only way to stay ahead in the age of convenience.

Lukasz Gorka, Andea CEO

Who we are

Founded in 2014, Andea today is one of the most experienced manufacturing system integrators on the market.

3DS CSI Partner

Andea is also the 3 Dassault Systèmes CSI partner, a global network of trusted Consultancy & System Integrators.

Unique excellence.

Exceptional Apriso

Our Solution Architects have on average 10+ years of experience with implementing world class manufacturing systems.

and maintenance

On top of new system development and deployments, we also provide 24/7, all-year-round maintenance support.

New product - Manufacturo

Manufacturo is Andea’s own, cloud-based platform that delivers off-the-shelf or custom build manufacturing applications.

The bigger picture

Your shop floor runs the show, but we always ensure the new solution aligns with your long-term business goals.

We like the challenge

No manufacturing site is too complex for Andea. For every problem, there’s a solution, and we’re determined to find it.

Why choose us?

01In-depth Knowledge

Having worked with over fifty global manufacturers gives Andea an edge no other MES integrator can match – an industry-wide understanding of even the most complex manufacturing processes. This, combined with our extensive MES / APS knowledge, allows our consultants to deliver solutions that really make an impact. Positive impact, of course, because we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your project is successful.

& Leadership

To us, it’s simple: we need to understand your production and business goals before we begin working on your project so that we can design a solution that helps you achieve them faster and more efficiently. We strive to be trusted advisors for our clients, guiding and supporting them along the MES implementation journey. We approach each project individually and act as an extension of your on-site team during all stages of the deployment.

03Competitive Pricing

A new manufacturing system implementation or enhancement can be a significant endeavor – logistically and financially. It’s not “just” the cost of developing the new solution; it’s also the internal resource costs and the cost of production inefficiencies or losses that the project may cause. But we want our clients to see the ROI of the investment as soon as possible. That requires identifying the path of least resistance to successful MES implementation while offering very competitive prices.

Trusted by leading global organizations

Better service starts here - see Andea case studies

We are highly contented with all the work and the designed solutions. Andea’s knowledge of the Apriso platform, combined with reliability and a professional approach left a lasting impression on everyone involved here at Magna Steyr Heilbronn.

Giuseppe – Magna