Improve your laboratory efficiency and streamlining planning processes

Digital transformation in life science happens continuously, quickly, and in front of our eyes. Changes are driven by diverse and numerous factors, including personalized health, small tolerance for mediocre quality, global market competitiveness, accelerating cost-to-profit ratio, and the need for shorter time to market.

Organizations need improved innovation and sustainability. They can reach this objective through streamlined material selections and lab processes, effective production data acquisition, and machine learning.

Life science manufacturers and laboratories face both internal and external pressure to:

  • Deliver tests on time and keep backlogs up to date
  • Keep steadily increasing operating costs under control
  • Keep up with target dates
  • Reduce lead times
  • More frequently introduce new products
  • Meet increasingly rigorous regulations.

Delmia Ortems provides planning and scheduling tools that help life science manufacturers accelerate innovation. You can build an effective framework that covers research and development (R&D), product development, and quality control. Improve your planning and scheduling efficiency and streamline planning processes to achieve digital transformation across life science operations.

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