Making Agile MES a Reality with CoorsTek

CoorsTek is the global leader in technical ceramics with over 50 locations worldwide, producing advanced ceramic components for virtually every industry. When the company’s previous maintenance solution could no longer keep up with the demand, CoorsTek decided it was time to switch to a more capable solution – DELMIA Apriso MES.

The CoorsTek project was one of, if not the fastest moving project for its size that we have seen at Andea. Since CoorsTek’s sites ate highly machine-centric, with multiple operators using them at once, having a high-quality maintenance program is a must to ensure robustness in daily operations and for the company to remain competitive. Before implementing DELMIA Apriso, CoorsTek used a home-grown maintenance solution that had outgrown its original purpose.
Another reason for choosing Apriso MES was to fulfill CoorsTek’s goal of having one unified solution across all their sites and move from the QAD ERP instance to a future ERP system over the next few years, so they needed a solution that could accommodate this move and their vision.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this particular project is that CoorsTek’s DELMIA Apriso solution was implemented using the agile development model from start to finish instead of the traditional waterfall approach.

CoorsTek started working with Andea after they were highly recommended due to their extensive experience in both the Apriso platform and manufacturing software in general. It was clear very early on that this recommendation was warranted as Andea exceeded our expectations both in what they produced and how they did it. We, as a combined team, successfully completed our implementation under budget with over 300% of the planned scope. I’m very excited about our future partnership and I look forward to implementing our complete manufacturing solution globally.

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