Turn data into knowledge

Is your organization faced with a challenge of not having enough manufacturing data to support evidence based decision making? Perhaps you have lots of data, but the quality of this data is not so good, or it takes too long to assemble it in a way so that you can make sense out of it?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above, you are not alone. Thousands of manufacturers like yourself are faced with similar challenges. Andea can help. Our team has vast experience in deploying world class Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) applications. Andea can help you define:

  • What should be analyzed (manufacturing KPI's)

  • How it should be analyzed (reports, dashboards, ad hoc analysis, push notifications)

  • When it should be analyzed (real time, post event, predictive analytics)

  • By whom and where it should be analyzed (shop floor line workers, management team, executives)

Our MI deployment services include:

  • Data warehousing

  • Data extraction

  • Data analytics