Project Excellence

What is Project Excellence

Meet Andea’s Project Excellence Team – a team of software testing experts passionate about using leading-edge test management and automation tools. Our testers are ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified, a program that helps us continuously improve and advance our software testing skills.

In addition to software testing, we can also help create new project documentation, develop training material, and train users on how to use your software – all the things needed to make your project excel.

Invest in software testing

 ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ – nowhere is the age-old saying more applicable than in software development. Early testing helps ensure that defects are detected and remedied in the initial phases of development. That helps to save money as the cost of fixing an issue increases exponentially as the software moves forward in the development cycle. It also reduces the likelihood of a minor software bug turning into a showstopper that disrupts your business.

Project Excellence Services

Test Optimization & Management

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in manufacturing and that’s why we first analyze every aspect of your process, and only then do we recommend the right set of tests for your shop floor.

Quality Assurance/
Manual Tests

These tests are performed when we work on developing a custom manufacturing system or modification. The solution is regularly and consistently tested for errors in its critical operations or features.

Automated Functional Testing

Performed with automated scripts and frameworks, Automated Functional Testing speeds up testing and eliminates human error factor. Best suited for repetitive regression tests of your solution after a modification or an upgrade.

Automated Performance Testing

Automated testing to detect weak points and bottlenecks in your infrastructure enables a targeted and efficient optimization of your manufacturing ecosystem to ensure the best performance of your solution.

Project Documentation Management

Although a ‘necessary evil’ to many, impeccable project documentation streamlines any future changes or enhancements to your solution and is a great reference point for your users. Don’t leave it to chance – let us handle it.

Training Materials
& Delivery

Merely providing your end-users with a solution is not enough – they also need to know how to use it. Project Excellence will provide them with training and/or user manuals, ensuring they feel confident working on the new software.

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