Advanced Determinations in DELMIA Apriso 101: Why they are important for you

In the era of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), effective data management in manufacturing is more critical than ever. Manufacturers have started realizing that deploying specialized software to harmonize and standardize their operations is hardly a choice anymore. It becomes a necessity.

Monday, June 10, 2024
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The software itself, however, is not all that matters. Stakeholders look for systems whose features drive cross-team collaboration and decision-making processes. DELMIA Apriso, a leading Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution, offers a robust feature known as Advanced Determinations to enhance data handling and streamline operational processes. 

What are Advanced Determinations?

Advanced Determinations are predefined objects within DELMIA Apriso that facilitate complex data mappings based on specific inputs. Essentially, they act as dynamic decision-making tools, generating outputs by processing a combination of input values. These determinations are configured to handle various scenarios and are stored in a structured format for easy management and retrieval.


Key features of Advanced Determinations

Dynamic input-output mapping: Advanced Determinations enable you to define multiple inputs and outputs, making it possible to map complex relationships between different data sets. This dynamic capability ensures that determinations can adapt to a wide range of operational requirements.

Structured data management: Data managed by Advanced Determinations is stored in the database as plain text, which simplifies access and manipulation. This structured storage method ensures that data is both organized and easily retrievable through SQL queries.

Integration with Process Builder: Advanced Determinations are seamlessly integrated with DELMIA Apriso's Process Builder. This integration enables process authors to embed determination logic directly into their workflows, ensuring that data-driven decisions are part of the operational processes.

Support for parent-child relationships: Advanced Determinations can manage hierarchical data through built-in parent-child relationships. This feature facilitates context passing between related data sets, which is crucial for most applications in manufacturing processes.

Localization and revisions: For global operations, Advanced Determinations support localized outputs, enabling the management of translations and regional data variations. Additionally, the revision control feature ensures that changes are tracked and historical data integrity is maintained.

Why are Advanced Determinations important?

For manufacturers seeking to increase control of their upstream and downstream data flow, Advanced Determinations are helpful for several reasons.


Efficiency: By reducing the need for custom tables and extensive coding, Advanced Determinations streamline data management, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.


Flexibility: The ability to handle complex mappings and relationships makes Advanced Determinations a versatile tool that can be tailored to streamline specific manufacturing processes.


Integration: Seamless integration with Process Builder means that Advanced Determinations can be seamlessly incorporated into existing workflows, enhancing overall process efficiency.


Scalability: As manufacturing operations expand and data management gets increasingly complicated, Advanced Determinations provide a scalable solution that can adapt to growth.

How Advanced Determinations in DELMIA Apriso help you

Advanced Determinations in DELMIA Apriso are essential for manufacturers aiming to streamline and improve their operations. The challenge of managing vast amounts of data intensifies as the Fourth Industrial Revolution progresses. Embracing digital transformation becomes crucial to maintain competitiveness, meet market demands, and achieve customer satisfaction. Apriso's Advanced Determinations optimize data management, allowing companies to effectively integrate advanced AI, IIoT technologies, and Automated Decision-Making Systems (ADMS) into their workflows.

DELMIA Apriso MOM propels your transition by enabling dynamic data management, integration capabilities, and enhanced efficiency. By understanding and leveraging Apriso‚Äôs Advanced Determinations feature, you can efficiently empower stakeholders to optimize production processes, minimize complexities, and drive operational excellence.

Whether you're managing complex manufacturing workflows or simply looking to improve data handling, Advanced Determinations will help. Use them to automatically generate views that are a fast and easy way to access the determination data, all while giving process authors much more control and flexibility on the determination processes.

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