Boosting Production Efficiency and Competitiveness at COMEZ INTERNATIONAL

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Comez Baner

COMEZ INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., a leading narrow fabric machinery company, faced challenges in meeting customer demands for high-quality products and timely delivery. By implementing Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems solution, COMEZ achieved improved production efficiency, reduced forecast errors, and increased competitiveness in the market.

Facing intense competition and the need to deliver high-quality products on time, COMEZ INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. turned to DELMIA Ortems to revolutionize their production processes. The advanced planning and scheduling solution enabled COMEZ to enhance production measurability, predictability, and continuity, allowing them to meet customer demands more effectively.

Before adopting DELMIA Ortems, COMEZ relied on a time-consuming and inefficient Excel spreadsheet system for process planning. This approach caused production delays and took up to six hours daily for scheduling. With DELMIA Ortems, planning now requires only two hours per day, significantly improving predictability and enabling the company to provide delivery dates to customers just one day after receiving orders.

The benefits of implementing DELMIA Ortems were immediately apparent, as COMEZ experienced:

  • 30% reduction in forecast errors
  • 8% increase in production
  • 27% reduction in production delays
  • 20% reduction in setup times

The system’s modularity, flexibility, and top-level potential allowed COMEZ to tailor the solution to their needs and scale it as required. Additionally, DELMIA Ortems scheduler facilitated better stock and order management, enabling the company to make informed decisions on whether to keep orders in-house or outsource them to third-party suppliers. This strategic collaboration helped COMEZ optimize their operations and increase competitiveness in the market.

With the successful implementation of DELMIA Ortems, COMEZ plans to expand its usage by integrating more departments and directly connecting machines to the system. The company is now better equipped to tackle future challenges with increased reliability and efficiency.