Dassault Systèmes' DELMIA empowers NASA with advanced 3D simulations capabilities

The NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is at the forefront of America's space exploration, managing and operating the nation's astronaut launch facilities. This includes the critical ground operations required to prepare for each mission, from the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station and the Launch Services program. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Given the unique nature of each project, NASA's Design Visualization Group relies on advanced 3D simulations to ensure operations are feasible, efficient, and safe before any groundwork begins. With high-stakes missions and one-of-a-kind systems, it is crucial to anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they occur. The primary challenge for NASA's Kennedy Space Center is to simulate ground operations ahead of time. This foresight is essential for ensuring that each project is carried out safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

To address this challenge, the Design Visualization Group at KSC utilizes Dassault Systèmes' DELMIA for creating lifelike 3D simulations. This powerful tool enables the team to build virtual models of facilities and support equipment, such as transporters and fixtures for rotating and assembling parts. Some of the solution’s key features include:

  • 3D virtual models: Comprehensive 3D models for 20 different facilities and ground support equipment at KSC.
  • Real-time simulations: Mirrors lifelike situations to understand how equipment and operators will interact.
  • Laser scanning: Ensures 3D models are accurate representations of real-life facilities by validating and updating models through laser scanning.

By importing complete designs into DELMIA, the team can visualize and simulate every aspect of a project, from individual components to the entire system. Using DELMIA, the Design Visualization Group can perform detailed simulations that provide a clear understanding of how equipment and operators will work together. This approach allows engineers to evaluate both predictable and improbable processes, ensuring that every operation is meticulously planned and executed. The global language of real-life simulations improves communication and collaboration among engineering teams.

Read the full case study to learn more about how NASA's Kennedy Space Center leverages 3D simulations to make sure its ground operations are safe, efficient, and feasible. Browse our website for more information on how Dassault Systèmes DELMIA solutions can help you ensure that your own projects are not only feasible, but safe, cost-effective, and efficient. 

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