How DELMIA Ortems APS software facilitates digital transformation in production planning and scheduling—white paper

Friday, November 10, 2023
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While manufacturers started to use first planning and scheduling solutions over 50 years ago, the ever-evolving technology enables modern production companies to organize and control their manufacturing operations in a way that seemed impossible just some years back. Today, digital transformation is hardly considered a nice-to-have upgrade to a business model and is generally deemed crucial for companies to remain competitive.

As hard to believe as it may sound, Excel spreadsheets are still among the most popular and widely used planning and scheduling tools. The problem with this approach is that spreadsheets cannot really plan anything for the user and are best used for organizing things, steps, issues, processes, etc. Further, it’s extremely hard to effectively collaborate and share updates across teams and departments, plus limited real-time visibility and manual data entry create room for infinite errors and mistakes. Spreadsheets are great for calculations but fall short when it comes to demand planning, supply chain and distribution planning, or sales and operations planning.

Manufacturing companies need reliable tools that can successfully extend the capabilities of manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems they have in place. That’s why they need advanced planning and scheduling software (APS). An APS system like DELMIA Ortems by Dassault Systèmes have helped numerous organizations determine the best strategy for improving their planning and scheduling across diverse production processes. Companies that leverage the DELMIA Ortems APS software have managed to decrease their machine set-up time by 25% and cut their cycle time by 50%, consequently increasing throughput and productivity of staff and equipment.

Read the full white paper to find out how manufacturers in your industry benefit from greater visibility and increased control of planning and scheduling processes. Also, visit the DELMIA Ortems – Advanced Planning and Scheduling APS Software web page for more details on the solution.