How Safran Landing Systems has transformed its maintenance operations with DELMIA

In the highly regulated aerospace industry, maintaining aeronautical equipment is a meticulous process dictated by strict rules and detailed procedures. Safran Landing Systems, a leading provider of aircraft landing and braking systems, faced the challenge of interpreting complex maintenance manuals and preparing time-consuming intervention reports. Safran Landing Systems needed a solution to streamline these processes and ensure the highest quality standards. To overcome these hurdles and enhance operational efficiency, Safran Landing Systems selected DELMIA Augmented Experience.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Maintenance of aeronautical equipment involves following specific rules and processes outlined in the manufacturers' maintenance manuals. These regulatory documents require experienced interpretation and considerable time, especially given the varying configurations of incoming equipment. To overcome these hurdles and enhance operational efficiency, Safran Landing Systems selected DELMIA Augmented Experience.

The company implemented DELMIA to enhance various stages of their maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) processes. This advanced solution aids operators by providing digital tools that streamline repair procedures, ensuring accurate interpretation of maintenance manuals and simplifying the preparation of quality reports

By integrating DELMIA’s software into their workflows, Safran Landing Systems has achieved significant improvements in efficiency, quality, and ergonomics. Post-implementation quality improvements included:

  • Traceability: Achieved complete traceability of operations and inspection results
  • First-time accuracy: Reduced rework by achieving "good at first time" repairs
  • Quality assurance: Eliminated non-quality issues in deliveries to customers
  • Report quality: Enhanced quality of reports provided to clients
    Inspection efficiency: Improved efficiency of inspection and diagnostic processes
  • Data utilization: Improved use of collected repair data for analyzing product behavior during operation
  • Productivity gains: Increased flexibility and reduced execution time


“The real value of these solutions has been confirmed with our operators and inspectors in terms of quality, productivity, and work ergonomics, and are now used on a daily basis for many use cases. Building on this success, we at Safran Landing Systems have initiated a deployment plan in all of our repair sites around the world,” said Francis Rossignol, VP SMART Factory solutions, Industry Direction, Safran Landing Systems.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Safran Landing Systems transformed its maintenance operations with DELMIA. Gain insights into the implementation process and the substantial benefits and productivity gains achieved across their global repair sites.

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