Transforming Production Efficiency at ROSA MARIA with DELMIA Ortems’ Advanced Planning & Scheduling Solution

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
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Brazilian textile company ROSA MARIA adopted DELMIA Ortems’ advanced planning and scheduling solution to improve its production capacity, reduce lead times, and optimize inventory management, becoming more competitive in the sportswear production market.

ROSA MARIA, a leading Brazilian textile company specializing in women’s fitness fashion, needed to control its production capacity to meet local and global market demands. By implementing DELMIA Ortems’ advanced planning and scheduling solution for Supply Chain Planning & Operations, the company dramatically improved its production efficiency and inventory management.

Key benefits of DELMIA Ortems’ solution at ROSA MARIA:

  • 50% reduction in production lead time
  • 37% reduction in total inventory
  • 23% reduction in intermediate stock
  • Improved visibility, flexibility, and coordination across production lines
  • Streamlined planning process, requiring only 30 minutes to plan an entire year‘s production
  • Ability to manage over 70 constraints

By implementing DELMIA’s advanced planning and scheduling solution, ROSA MARIA has become a more competitive player in the sportswear production market, better prepared to adapt to the ever-changing preferences of its customers.