Andea Customer Day 2021

After regretfully canceling the Andea Customer Day in 2020, we are delighted to let you know we made it happen this year – only virtually.

In an ideal world, we would have loved to host the Andea Customer Day 2021 in person. However, while it looks like life is slowly returning to normal, we’re not quite there yet – so we decided to take things virtual this year.

And what a virtual event it was. We’re humbled to see so many of our customers, prospects, speakers, and numerous representatives of our partner, Dassault Systèmes, join us on this special day that is Andea Customer Day.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you because you are what made this event truly special. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our event’s sponsor CENIT.

Now, let’s relive this day again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021
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Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities and make virtual great instead

We began the Andea Customer Day 2021 with a keynote from our VP of Sales Operations, Pawel Mierzwa, and CEO, Lukasz Górka.


During the keynote, Pawel and Lukasz welcomed our attendees, walked them through the event’s agenda, and discussed everything that’s been happening at Andea since the last Andea Customer Day in 2019.

The past two years have indeed been busy for Andea. In 2020 Andea signed a partnership agreement with Dassault Systèmes to become an authorized DELMIA Ortems reseller in Poland. Later, in 2021, it became a part of Dassault Systèmes CSI Partnership Program, a worldwide network of trusted service providers for manufacturing.

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After the keynote, we welcomed our Vice President of Services, an MES guru, Grzegorz Fura, to talk about a trending topic – Implementing Apriso In The Cloud. Grzegorz discussed the pros and cons of traditional hosting vs. hosting Apriso in the cloud and what we have learned about the subject from our customers’ experience.

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Then, it was time for the first of our special guests and speakers, the Indirect Program Manager at Sierra Nevada Corporation, Lindsay Hull, and our Director of North America Operations, James Montgomery, to share their presentation on Rolling Out Fast and with Quality Using Agile. If you’re interested in learning more about the agile approach, feel free to read our case study with SNC where we explain how we created a “Manufacturing Planning and Execution Platform” solution using DELMIA Apriso using the agile methodology

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After a short break, we resumed with another of our special guests and speakers, the Senior Director of IT at CoorsTek, Brian Frimel to discuss Deploying Centralized MES. James Montgomery was the co-presenter. Then, it was time for the contest, during which we asked a series of questions about MES, agile, and cloud deployments. We anticipated 3 winners who could receive great prizes or exchange them for an equivalent charity donation.

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Finally, we moved on to the last one of our special guests and speakers, the R&D DELMIA Applications Senior Director at Dassault Systèmes, Derek Julien, to give an insightful presentation on the Apriso Product Roadmap.

But the real magic happened in the discussion rooms

We realize that interacting online isn’t the same as interacting face to face. Still, we encouraged our attendees to join the discussion and take an active role in the event . As a result, the number of attendees who entered our discussion rooms exceeded our expectations.

There were 4 Discussion Rooms available to attendees during the Andea Customer Day 2021:

  • 8-Ball Room, where you could ask any questions about MES, and our experts would give you all the answers like the childhood favorite magic 8-ball
  • Agile Room, where our consultants discussed implementing projects the smart way using Agile methodology
  • Maintenance Room where attendees could find answers to all your questions regarding the support and evolution of your live Apriso MES solution
  • Testing Room, where we discussed the best approach to testing (recommended by our experts!), and answered questions about automated testing and its benefits

We’re glad to say that many of our attendees stayed on after the event, still chatting in the discussion rooms. That was an indication that our customers, prospects, and partners found this event genuinely valuable.

The post-event survey we sent out also seems to confirm that. Here are some of the things attendees said about the Virtual Andea Customer Day 2021:

“It was a very interesting event. The organization and the process were great.”

“Great job guys! Well done!”

“I thought it was a very good event!”

See you next year!

We’re happy to say that Andea Customer Day 2021 was a great success, and we hope to repeat that in 2022 except hopefully in person (fingers crossed!). Again, we want to thank all people who made it happen: our customers, prospects, speakers, partners, and CENIT.

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