How LAVIGNE Streamlined Production and Improved Customer Satisfaction with DELMIA Ortems

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
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LAVIGNE, a leading manufacturer of corporate wall calendars and promotional items in France, experienced significant challenges in managing peak production loads and meeting customer deadlines. LAVIGNE implemented the DELMIA Ortems solution to revamp their planning and scheduling strategy, leading to impressive results in production efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To address their challenges in managing peak production loads and meeting customer deadlines, LAVIGNE sought to implement a business plan that would revamp their current mode of operation. The company chose the DELMIA Ortems solution, designed to manage all planning processes, and rolled it out with the help of KEONYS, a partner of Dassault Systèmes, and the DELMIA Ortems teams. The solution was implemented in under 6 weeks, a record time.

The implementation of the DELMIA Ortems solution brought several benefits to LAVIGNE, including:

  • Enhanced fluidity in production flows
  • Expedited product delivery with one-third delivered ahead of schedule
  • Adherence to deadlines and increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater visibility in production schedules
  • Improved coordination through shared production schedules with sales staff

These benefits allowed LAVIGNE to better manage their seasonal workload and address last-minute customer orders. The solution helped streamline communication between the sales team and production, avoiding misalignments and internal tensions often seen in companies.

Since implementing the DELMIA Ortems solution, LAVIGNE has seen significant improvements in their customer service. Their service rate reached 95% during certain peak weeks, with a more consistent integration of work orders. The solution allowed LAVIGNE to deliver at least a third of their orders ahead of schedule, which was especially valuable in their highly seasonal business.

The success of the project was attributed to the highly-structured methodology and ongoing dialogue between LAVIGNE and the DELMIA Ortems team. Support in change management was adapted to LAVIGNE’s needs, and the supply table provided every morning boosted the company’s efficiency.

LAVIGNE is eager to explore further improvements by integrating inventory management and almanacs into the DELMIA Ortems solution, acknowledging the challenges posed by the juxtaposition of last-minute requests and programmed orders. LAVIGNE and KEONYS teams are ready to tackle this complex project and continue enhancing efficiency through the DELMIA Ortems solution.

The implementation of the DELMIA Ortems solution enabled LAVIGNE to transform their planning and scheduling strategy, leading to smoother production flows, increased customer satisfaction, and improved communication between sales and production teams. As LAVIGNE continues to adapt and expand their business, the DELMIA Ortems solution will serve as a valuable tool in managing their complex production environment.