MONNAIE DE PARIS Leverages DELMIA Ortems for Enhanced Responsiveness and International Growth

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
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Facing the challenges of dematerialization, contactless purchases, and the decreased usage of physical currency, the MONNAIE DE PARIS sought to strengthen its international presence to improve responsiveness in international tenders. To achieve this, the company chose DELMIA Ortems to streamline all its industrial processes, enhance production monitoring, and integrate procurement information into its ERP.

The MONNAIE DE PARIS, officially founded in 864, is the oldest continuously operating minting institution in the world and one of the first companies ever established. In recent years, the company has had to adapt to a changing landscape, including the increasing shift towards digital transactions. This led the MONNAIE DE PARIS to focus on optimizing its supply chain and production processes.

Before implementing DELMIA Ortems, the company relied on Excel spreadsheets for production planning. This method offered limited real-time visibility on supplies and required a substantial amount of manual work. With DELMIA Ortems, the MONNAIE DE PARIS has been able to centralize its supply chain, streamline production monitoring, and improve the reliability of its information.

Key benefits of the DELMIA Ortems implementation include:

  • 20% optimization in cut changes
  • Enhanced reliability of information fed into the computer system
  • Streamlined production monitoring
  • Improved synchronization between production and supplies

The MONNAIE DE PARIS plans to further exploit the capabilities of DELMIA Ortems by integrating additional tools and processes, including the integration of the “ARIM” tooling and the establishment of a Continuous Integration Platform (CIP) process.