Streamlining production planning and scheduling: The Ortakçı Cam case study

Meeting customer delivery deadlines while managing a wide variety of orders is a significant challenge in the sector of glass manufacturing. Ortakçı Cam, a Turkey-based leading glass manufacturer predominantly for the automotive industry, faced this exact issue and needed a robust planning and scheduling solution to gain full visibility of its production schedules. The solution not only needed to ensure timely deliveries but also optimize resource usage and boost overall productivity.

Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The company’s primary difficulty was dealing with diverse orders and ensuring it could reliably meet customer delivery deadlines. This required a comprehensive planning and scheduling system that could provide a clear view of production schedules, optimize machinery and personnel capacity, and prioritize specific orders. To alleviate its major pain points, Ortakçı Cam selected DELMIA Ortems to manage its production processes from glass preparation to packaging. 

DELMIA Ortems offers detailed scheduling, optimized capacity planning, material planning, load balancing, and deadline setting functions. This advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution ensured that every aspect of the Ortakçı Cam’s production process is now meticulously planned and executed. DELMIA Ortems APS enabled:

  • Detailed scheduling
  • Optimized capacity planning
  • Material planning
  • Load balancing
  • Deadline setting


Achieving all the above benefits through DELMIA Ortems enabled Ortakçı Cam to gain a clear view of upcoming production requirements, allowing for efficient optimization of the company’s resources. This visibility has led to significant improvements in the desired areas, such as productivity, time savings, and customer satisfaction. Some of the tangible benefits included:

  • Improved use of machinery and personnel
  • Enhanced efficiency in production processes
  • Reduced setup times for machines
  • Reliable delivery dates and prioritized order management


“DELMIA Ortems provides us with detailed scheduling, optimized capacity planning, material planning, load balancing, and deadline setting functions in the short and medium term,” said Nuray Taner, Production Planning and Logistics Manager at Ortakçı Cam.

Download the full case study and explore how Ortakçı Cam has streamlined its production and planning while saving time and costs. Browse our website for more information on how Dassault Systèmes DELMIA Ortems can help you accurately plan and schedule production processes to ensure the optimization of your manufacturing operations. Check out our extensive case study to learn how Andea supported the world’s largest supplier to the automotive industry and assisted in real time to provide support as soon as issues were reported.