Why Aerospace & Defense companies use DELMIA MOM to increase digital precision in their manufacturing processes

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
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When propelled by digital transformation, manufacturing resiliency hinges on the principles of agility, flexibility, and sustainability. Agility, defined by responsiveness to the unexpected, and flexibility, which allows for strategic pivoting, are crucial for fostering growth and innovation during disruptive events. These qualities necessitate a forward-thinking approach and a scalable digital infrastructure aligned with business goals. Sustainability, on the other hand, encompasses resource preservation in operations and the reduction of the global carbon footprint. Together, these elements form the basis for innovative practices and operational enhancements that contribute to sustainable and profitable growth.

Digital transformation serves as the means to achieve these goals. While many manufacturers, including Aerospace & Defense (A&D) companies, are initiating transformation efforts in various areas of industrial engineering or the supply chain domain, fewer have focused on transforming their shop floors through modern Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions for the future factory. Unlike traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), MOM encompasses the automation, execution, and management of all business processes relevant to manufacturing execution, including MES, quality control, warehousing, workforce management, and maintenance.

This eBook will give you details on key trends and challenges in A&D manufacturing and operations today, the value proposition of DELMIA solutions in addressing these challenges and trends to foster operational resiliency, and the advantages of developing a well-structured MOM strategy.

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