Out-Of-The-Box vs. Customized Solution Implementation.

There have been debates on what is better for the customer: customized or out-of-the-box MES solutions. We pondered this question during this webinar, trying to introduce some of the best practices to analyze when considering out-of-the-box or customized solution implementation. Listen to our experts as they discuss advantages and disadvantages of both approaches to help you gain insights into the industry trends.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
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What are the latest insights in MES systems, and how are they innovatively deployed?

To keep it short, let’s focus on some key approaches that we have noticed as gaining interest among MES/MOM customers or users.

First, we observe that an increasing number of manufacturers are looking into a single multisite deployment rather than local, plant-by-plant deployments. It requires reliable infrastructure and organization; however, it typically lowers the rollout and maintenance costs. More and more manufacturers realize that it makes a lot more sense. To give you an example, it shortens the deployment speed for all incremental improvements during or after the core solution is deployed for many locations.

Another trend we notice is the growing push for “the MES in the cloud.” It is not only a matter of hosting legacy systems on some cloud servers but, more importantly, a shift from monolithic to microservices architecture.

The third trend is the greater adoption of Agile vs. Waterfall methodology when building and maintaining the solution. We are working with customers who make deployment to production every 2 or 4 weeks. Here we are talking about the same solution used in many sites.

It requires not only a different project methodology but also the adoption of DevOps culture and specific frameworks. This approach might seem riskier to the manufacturer who does not know what to expect from the final result. Still, on the other hand, it makes the whole team always focused on critical business goals, which might change over time.

As we said before, this is one of several questions that you can find in our guide. Is this subject interesting to you? Do you want to know more about the choice between customized and out-of-the-box MES solutions? Do not hesitate: watch the webinar or download a short guide to learn more!

Andea Experts:


Tadeusz Dyduch

Tadeusz is the VP of Innovation Department at Andea, provider of the Manufacturo platform, and one of the company’s co-founders. He has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative applications for the manufacturing sector and product management in the domain of Manufacturing Execution Systems. His passion and professional goal is to develop solutions that have an immediate positive impact on Andea customers’ businesses. Tadeusz earned his MSc degree in Computer Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

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Grzegorz Fura

Grzegorz is the VP of Services Department at Andea and one of the company’s co-founders. His responsibilities include applications and solutions architecture, knowledge management, and quality standards assurance. He has 23 years of professional experience, including 19 years with Manufacturing Execution Systems. Grzegorz is recognized by customers and his colleague as a trusted adviser and professional team player. Grzegorz has graduated from the Rzeszow University of Technology where he received his MSc in Control and Computer Engineering.

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