Andea supports world’s largest supplier to the automotive industry

Magna is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry, with 347 manufacturing facilities globally. Andea has cooperated with Magna’s branch in Heilbronn, Germany – Magna Steyr Car Structures Heilbronn, a producer of car underbodies.

Each part of the underbody, including the rear, middle and front, are built separately before assembling and welding them together on the main production line. Magna follows the Just In Sequence production type – all production lines are strictly planned, synchronized, and aligned together so that components and parts arrive at the production line right in time as scheduled before they are assembled. Meaning that if one line stops, it’s only a matter of time before the other lines do too, and all production is down.

Due to working in a specific production type, Magna needed a partner to assist them in real-time and provide support as soon as the issue was reported. The company needed a trustworthy maintenance partner located in the same time zone to keep the production downtime to a minimum, a partner with an excellent experience using the Apriso platform.  

We have worked with Andea before on a database archiving project, and we were satisfied with the outcome, which made the decision-making process a lot easier for us. Andea’s knowledge of the Apriso platform, combined with reliability and a professional approach, left a lasting impression on everyone involved in the project

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