Prodomax's success with DELMIA showcases how manufacturing solutions are changing the automotive industry

For manufacturers in the automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve demands more than just cutting-edge designs—it requires innovation in every step of the production process. Prodomax, a leading Canadian company specializing in custom automotive-part manufacturing lines, faced this exact challenge as they sought to meet their clients' growing demands for faster project turnarounds and detailed simulations.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Meeting high expectations with precision

Prodomax's clients expect rapid development cycles and increasingly ask for advanced simulations in their project specifications. To stay ahead, Prodomax needed a powerful simulation solution that could integrate and test robotics in a virtual environment before physical installation. The goal was clear: reduce lead times, enhance accuracy, and ensure seamless integration of robotic systems into their manufacturing lines.

Embracing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

To tackle this challenge, Prodomax chose Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform, specifically leveraging the Digital Equipment Continuity industry solution. This comprehensive toolset includes DELMIA for robotic simulation and SOLIDWORKS for tooling design.

How it works?

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DELMIA for Robotic Simulation

DELMIA enables Prodomax to simulate robotic functions within the exact context of each customer's plant layout. This includes testing robot reach limitations and identifying potential tooling interferences, all in a virtual environment.

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SOLIDWORKS for Tooling Design

SOLIDWORKS enables Prodomax to design the tooling required for their automated lines. This integration with DELMIA ensures that both the robotics and tooling are optimized together, providing a holistic approach to manufacturing line setup.

Efficiency and precision realized

By adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Prodomax achieved significant improvements in their production line processes. These advancements not only improved Prodomax's ability to meet customer demands but also positioned them as leaders in the automotive industry, capable of delivering high-quality, tailored manufacturing solutions quickly and reliably. Prodomax has achieved these improvements through:


Enhanced tool design and robot placement: Virtual testing with DELMIA led to more accurate tool designs and optimal robot placements, reducing trial-and-error during physical installations.


Optimized cycle times: With the ability to simulate and refine processes in a virtual environment, Prodomax could streamline its operations, leading to faster and more efficient production cycles.


Preemptive issue resolution: Engineers could identify and solve potential problems before any physical installation, minimizing downtime and ensuring smoother integration on the shop floor.

Why download the case study 

Prodomax continues to innovate and set new standards in the automotive manufacturing industry by leveraging advanced simulation tools and integrating them seamlessly into their workflow. Download the full case study to dive deeper into how Prodomax leveraged Dassault Systèmes’ solutions to transform its manufacturing process. Explore detailed insights and discover how you can benefit from similar strategies to streamline your manufacturing operations.

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